What is “Amphibious Space”


I was born in 1946 in Japan as a son of Japanese parents a year after the end of World War II, grown up there, and lived there until in my mid thirties when I left the home country. After that I have been living in Australia for nearly 30 years.

Therefore, biologically and ethnically I am a Japanese, of course not an Australian, but as a creature of those circumstances I am someone else, neither of both. That’s why I need my own metaphysical place, called “Amphibious Space”, to exist myself other than the geographical places.

The original meaning of “amphibious” is to live in both atmospheres, on land and in water. Similarly, I also need to live in those two circumstances.

If it is allowed to coin a new word amphibiolisation, the word can be applied to such a situation of globalisation in which moving across borders for not only numerous commodities but also for people is being more inevitable and realistic.

Without the space my life must be unreal and partial. As our life needs both, land and water, we are amphibiolising ourselves incleasingly. 

(Addition at October 2017) Because of development of free translation application, I think that my own translation does not necessarily essential. So unless there is specially necessary this sub-site may not up date. 

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