Meaning of AUKUS

After Brexit, Britain’s global strategy is beginning to emerge. It’s the “Cold War” all over again. After World War II, Britain adopted the Cold War, which divided the world into East and West blocs, as its global strategy and involved the United States, which surpassed Britain in achieving global hegemony. Now, in response to the rise of China, the U.K., together with the U.S., has begun to lead the New Cold War to contain the East Asian continent.

In this context, the meaning of the strategic framework “AUKUS” agreement on September 15 in which the U.K. and the U.S. provided nuclear submarine technology to Australia, and which forced Australia to cancel the $90 billion non-nuclear submarine joint development project with France, becomes clear now. The EU has also announced an Indo-Pacific alliance strategy that includes Taiwan, and it is inevitable that the EU will eventually join the New Cold War. Thus, the fate of Asia is now inevitably divided, with the two major Asian powers outside the issue. Look at the Middle East. Look at India. Japan will be on the front line of this division, but it has been decided without talk. This is the outcome while Japan is daydreaming over the leader election of LDP.


【Published on 18 September 2021】

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