Amphibiology Lectures: The Third Century (No.5)

Watershed for Haruki Murakami


At the last lecture I foretold about the direction of this session as follows: “This is my view observing the “schizophrenic stereo vision” from the side of 7 to ‘to move’ and 3 to ‘not to move’. In other words, whereas there must be a gap dividing between this side and that side, by the way, what is it? I am going to think about it at the next lecture.”

Accepting the direction, I try to answer the question. While I have experienced the Haruki Murakami’s world, in fact, I always have felt a concern bothering about something like chasing a mirage.

The concern was the description of specific name of music and of the musician which appeared many times on the pages of his works. It was not only pretty frequent, besides, but also anything to guess that they express rather deep connotations which end in neither mere explanatory nor metaphorical expressions. MORE