Amphibiology Lectures: The Third Century (No.3)

Move to Haruki Murakami

At the first lecture of the Third Century of Amphibiology, I discussed the experience in which various binocular visions associated with various moving have become an effective method of world recognition through pointing out various dichotomies on mobility and immobility. At the second lecture, through the forked point of “to move or not to move” we discovered that the two postures of “moving” and “freedom” are similar, if not saying synonymous. Yet we have found that, although each of two oriented the same idea, in the case of  “moving” it focused upon choice and in the case of “freedom” it focused upon the conceptual choice.

In this lecture I will attempt to cope with a notion; why don’t you apply the moving to the “undoubtedness” of the mover’s mind per se by making the mind-set itself an object. MORE