It seems as if we are facing the necessity to take a bird’s-eye view of the times with a single question in mind. That is, how can mankind escape from the quagmire of “the conflict between rationalism and irrationalism”? If we apply this proposition to the current war in Ukraine, we can see a conflict between “rationalism = Western countries + Ukraine” and “irrationalism = Russia,” as well as the rise of populism in Italy, which is another example of such a conflict, and the U.S. election situation, which has just begun again. From this perspective, Japan’s wars against the Western world in the past were also premature versions of the same thing. In my view, I believe that this proposition will ultimately mature from the quantum theory of “nonlocality” and “locality” to the realization of their attributes and complementarities.〔日本語は「日々両生」2022年9月27日を〕