The pride of the Anglo-Saxon people

The pride of the Anglo-Saxon people, such as Britain and the United States, in their domination of the world do not allow any new power to undermine its face. In the past, Japan was used inhumane weapons such as two atomic bombs, and now, in response to the rise of China, the chronic disease has begun to appear again, by dragging in Australia over the possession of nuclear submarine. Japan should keep the possession of non-nuclear submarines, and focus on defense, and lead other Asian countries that do not want to get involved in the arms race, to admonish China and persuade the United States to maintain peace in Asia. We must not let Taiwan become a second Afghanistan, and we must not let East Asia become the stage for a new Cold War. If the dangerous situation in the world is not made an issue in the next general election, then they will happen. Do not indulge yourself in internal disputes such as the election of the president of LDP of Japan.


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