Amphibiology Lectures: The Third Century (No.1)

Sail to New Waters

This “Amphibiology* Lectures” have developed over five periods up to now; the Term One, the Term Two, the Term Three, the Term Four, and the series on “A Step into the Old” (most of them are Japanese version only so far).
 (*: I coin the term which means the study about amphibian)

I spend for 8 years to do the five-period-development from September 2005. In terms of age, the eight years from 59 to 67. As it were, it was the first product of “the second lap of life” after the life-stage-milestone at sixtieth birthday, so called kanreki.

Merely listing up them in time order, however, may not bring facts of its development well. Then, if I try to characterise roughly the development, the first term discussed on the geographic “amphibians”, and from the second term to “A Step into the Old” did on meta-amphibians which I added imaginations and ideas to the first term. MORE