Japanese 日本語】  

I am now 75 years old and was born in 1946. In other words, I was born the year after the end of the last war, and although I did not experience the war directly, I am of the ‘burnt-down city’ generation. The ‘last war’ was the ‘Asia-Pacific War’, which Japan had to fight against the rest of the world.

Almost ten years ago, I wrote an article entitled ‘The Discomfort of Being Japanese and its Resolution’ 〔in Japanese〕. This ‘discomfort’ is something that I have felt because of being Japanese. That is, it was about the cohabitation of two issues of ‘discomfort’ and ‘no reason’ which were brought to me as the perpetrator and the victim as well.

This article following is a statement of the endless dangers of starting to pick out one side of an ongoing war as ‘friend or foe’.

The conclusion is that there is no reason for we humans to be hostile to each other to the point of killing each other. MORE