Amphibiology Lectures: The Third Century (No.8, Final)

“Unknown Multi-dimensional Space” and “Moving Life”


First of all, let us review previous lectures.

In the lecture of before the previous one entitled “’Macro’ and ‘Micro’ for Haruki Murakami“, I presented a view below.


Further if you go back to the past in the way that the life of your parents had the same process of yourself and the life of your grandparents had the same one and so on, you must find the tremendously long chain of life which has never break in a tiny moment.

If it is the true, it does not seem to be ungrounded view that my life was the life of anyone else in a previous life like the reincarnation of Buddhist thought, or that my life is eventually connected to the birth of stars and the space.


In addition, in the previous lecture entitled “Coordinate Axes of the East and West“, I pointed out that, using the coordinated axes setting “tie with nature” on the vertical axis and “geographical movility” on the horizontal axis, the second quadrant can be regarded as the “Eastern World” and the fourth quadrant as the “Western World”. Then, the first quadrant marked “A” can be a dual-meaning world of both of the East and the West. Also if one sets up the other axis of the “divine depth” third-dimensionally on the first quadrant further, I pointed out that the third-dimensional part can be seen as another dual-meaning world fusing of two worldviews of Buddhist reincarnation and of Christian Absolute. 

I named it “unknown multi-dimensional world” and foretold that a detail discussion would be presented in the next session i.e. this lecture.

After completed the review here, now, let us proceed to discuss the “unknown multi-dimensional world” fully through the manner of removing the restriction in the lecture of before the previous one and using the “move” and “abstract” thoroughly.