4. Health as Infrastructure


In recent years, health is the area where I am most dedicated to.

Of course, it includes the nuance of “gratitude when I loose it” because that I came to have a few health problems due to getting older.

However, if it is so, on the contrary, I want to take more care of things that “I didn’t lose it yet”.

And further, I have a somewhat regretful feeling that why I have not been doing so from the beginning.

In other words, as I mentioned earlier, it is the view that health is the infrastructure that supports us physically and mentally. It is same as that city’s water and sewage systems underpins the foundation of our city life as infrastructure.

And further, when you spread your eyes over the world, it is not just about health, it is the same about the environment and nature.

By maintaining and preserving its normal function all the times, the ability of the city and its people will improve properly. 詳細記事

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