8. Postscript



As I mentioned at the end of “Introduction”, ahead of publication of this book, I designed the cover by myself. This is why its looks is amateurish. On this cover, anyway, one bird is about to fly out into the big sky towards higher through the “window” which opened to the sky. 詳細記事


7. To Integrated Oneness



The word “journey” in this book is, of course, a “journey” in which life is said to be a journey.

Therefore, it is a “struggle in order to live” that any person is doing as long as the person lives, whatsoever border is closed or air flights do not be serviced because of COVID-19.

And when we are struggling so, it does not mean that each element is considered separately like each item is described in this book chapter by chapter.

When I write this book, I dared the whole which all together to be separated into chapters, using the way of analytical. 詳細記事

6. Paradigm Change of Thought


 Japan as the number one in the world

When I was young, attractive foreign countries were those developed countries in Europe and the United States.

In other words, in the long history of the world, the West has opened up the fore of world civilization, thus conquering the world, carrying out slaughter, piling up wealth from the world, winning wars, occupying the top of worldwide organizations, having led the world in both senses of good and bad. Because of that, they had something to shine as the leader of the world. 詳細記事

5. Mental and Psychological Growth


 Origins of Japaneseness

I think the Japanese are a very unique ethnic group. Moreover, I think that they are rare people in the world who are so rich in benevolent spirit. It is not so difficult for Japanese to believe that everyone is the same human being.

The reason why Japan has nurtured such characteristics is deeply related to that it is an island country. It was also because until the occupation by the United States in 1945, Japan was a very lucky country that had never been occupied or conquered by foreign enemies. 詳細記事

【ニューヨークタイムズ記事のAFR紙(31 December 2020付 )への転載】



しかもその研究では、その運動の一部が激しい場合、早期死亡のリスクはさらに低下し、しかも人々の生活の質が高まることも明らかになった。 詳細記事

80歳代の医者で長距離サイクリストであるノーマン・ラザロ博士は、元気な高齢をおくるには3つの必須要素があると言う。 しかも、それは、かなり前より始められなければならないと。


4. Health as Infrastructure


In recent years, health is the area where I am most dedicated to.

Of course, it includes the nuance of “gratitude when I loose it” because that I came to have a few health problems due to getting older.

However, if it is so, on the contrary, I want to take more care of things that “I didn’t lose it yet”.

And further, I have a somewhat regretful feeling that why I have not been doing so from the beginning.

In other words, as I mentioned earlier, it is the view that health is the infrastructure that supports us physically and mentally. It is same as that city’s water and sewage systems underpins the foundation of our city life as infrastructure.

And further, when you spread your eyes over the world, it is not just about health, it is the same about the environment and nature.

By maintaining and preserving its normal function all the times, the ability of the city and its people will improve properly. 詳細記事


3. Changing Science, Forwarding Quantum Theory



Amphibiology; practical knowledge of life

In the previous chapter, I explained the history of the birth and development of amphibiology (my coined word from “amphibious study”), which was inspired by my experience studying abroad in Australia. As far as its name in concerned, it seems a kind of an “academic system”. However, it may have had been influenced by the academic environment of the overseas study but the actual content is a systemization of the knowledge learned from the practical experience from my life. 詳細記事

2. Differences in Politics and Thought



Middle age overseas study in Australia

In October 1984, I left Japan for Australia.

This is because, when I had completed the particularly responsible work of the labor union, I had begun to think to study again the labor movement in an international perspective.

However, my age was already 38, and to be an international student in the age was somewhat “embarrassing” for me. Further my English skill was almost minimal. 詳細記事

以下は、“主流経済の辺縁者”の見解である。それによると、ひょっとすると人類は、目下、コロナ禍を契機として、その文明を牛耳ってきた《マネーの君臨》――手段と目的の逆転――の、新次元への変貌の瀬戸際にあることを目撃しているのかもしれない。 詳細記事