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English Version of 『自‘遊’への旅

Part Eight (Chap. 8)

8. Postscript



As I mentioned at the end of “Introduction”, ahead of publication of this book, I designed the cover by myself. This is why its looks is amateurish. On this cover, anyway, one bird is about to fly out into the big sky towards higher through the “window” which opened to the sky.

Today, we are being flowed away by the tide of the times, and even we have little time to look up at the sky. Currently it is hard to open the window and fly into the sky. Such a “journey” is really needed even though thousands of passenger aircraft are nailed to the ground. It’s neither rhetoric nor dream. It is a “journey” which is surely possible depending on how you think about it.

On the flip hand, the fictitious has become so real in such an extent.


It seems that there are not a few views which not only look at the current COVID-19 antagonistically, but also take up a “thanks” it.

As I discussed in the other opportunities, it seems that there works the “providence of nature” which human being cannot involve over the matter of COVID-19. This can be seen in our anthropomorphic acceptance that coronavirus “has a very smart strategy.” The virus may not actually have such a “will”, but it has any possibilities to occur “anything” through a result of the mutation of the virus. Therefore, there can be even those appearance of mutation which does not reach man’s speculation even if it is a coincidence or is completely unexpected for us.

As a result of such a mutation, we are witnessing the unthinkable weakness that has piled up in the human society, and then the whole human race is panicking now.

But a pinch can be an opportunity.

Those restraints being pointed out in this book are  also swinging to the right and left in such chaos similarly.

Because it is such a chaotic time so much, the start of the “journey” should be the key to great success.

Challenge with confidence.






Author’s Brief Personal History

Hajime Matsuzaki

Born 20 August 1946. Graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering, Shibaura Institute of Technology in 1969. After worked for a construction company and a fulltime-official for the Construction Engineers’ Union, went to Australia to study in1984. Holds a master’s degree in labor-management relations from the University of Western Australia and a doctorate from the University of New South Wales. Has lived permanently in Australia. Co-founded a business consultant company. Currently operating the following two websites and blogs.  



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