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Part Three (Chap. 3)


3. Changing Science, Forwarding Quantum Theory



Amphibiology: practical knowledge of life

In the previous chapter, I explained the history of the birth and development of amphibiology (my coined word from “amphibious study”), which was inspired by my experience studying abroad in Australia. As far as its name is concerned, it seems a kind of an “academic system”. However, it may have had been influenced by the academic environment of the overseas study but the actual content is a systemization of the knowledge learned from the practical experience from my life.

The amphibiology was an attempt to build a practicality mostly. But it was a big harvest to be able to have acquired a broad bird’s-eye view of the existing academic knowledge system through the process. In other words, it was an experience like I have had a perspective on what knowledge systems humans have assembled in the past.

Through this experience, for instance, I learned that the knowledge I had learned at a Japanese university, especially civil engineering knowledge, was already very classical, although it was professionally beneficial.

In addition, I found that the series of knowledge gained by education was exactly following the requirements of the current age but it was not the one which considered my necessity for life. In this sense I was a “naked man” who does not wear anything even though I am a citizen of a modern state.

In this way, the amphibiology embraces the knowledge on essential needs for an individual to live depending upon that own purpose. Therefore, its aim and mission are greatly different from the study that the educational institution of the so-called university etc. addresses. It is the system of practical knowledge necessary for our ordinary life.

If you expect any subject of learning to be useful for you, or if you want to have a look at any existing study field, to refer to amphibiology will be a good way.

However, the book does not detail such a “practical study system” wholly here. The purpose of the book is rather to guide you to a journey of your life to overcome various restraints through such practical knowledge.

So if you would like to see the all contents of amphibiology, please visit my website “両生歩き“. You will be able to find the complete contents, but they are unfortunately written in Japanese.


“Eye-opening” Quantum Theory

In this way we can come to have a perspective on a view of various studies that man has built. And a breakthrough which has happened in the field of such academic and especially science knowledge is very important.  

The reason for this “importance” is that not only the importance of the whole human race but also our view about ourself which has been opened by it has achieved the change as if “the heaven and earth are reversed” to put it dramateically.

The difference in whether we know the outcomes of the breakthrough depends on whether we can remove our own blind spot. Conversely, as long as the blind spot is in both eyes, our knowledge will remain bound to the 19th century level.

That huge step forward has been happening in quantum theory in theoretical physics.

We can say so. However, it is extremely hard to understand the contents in a normal sense. In particular since it has happened in a field of theoretical physics, one may have  an attitude of totally out-of-the-question.

To trace such quantum theory based on its expertise is a tremendous task. If you attempt it, you may need to understand at least ten specialized books.

Hence what I am paying attention to is the meaning or application of the breakthrough for our lives. However, the most advanced part of such scientific progress is still in the realm of hypothesis. And it will take a time span of more decades in the future for such a hypothesis to be substantiated.

However, the study that I take up here is one which is practically useful for our daily life. Surely, it will take a long time to prove it with scientific rigour. But our lives are ongoing now and we cannot afford to wait long for the proof of the hypothesis.


Rather, such a scientific evidence is, as it were, on the ultra-precise numeric rigour that can be ignored in the practice of our lives, and the level of our lives does not require so much rigour.

The importance for us is the difference in the idea which is the ground of such a theory. That difference is what has a decisive relationship with the way of how we think about things in our lives.

Talking about the “eye-opener” here, when I translate it to the meaning of the impact on our daily life, it can be said below:

According to the conventional idea, science is in a position to discover the truths of the world which are sleeping without being known and that we are in a position to be taught and enlightened by those truths. However, according to the idea which is disclosed by the breakthrough, a truth is ultimately decided by an observation. In other words, it is based on an observation.

Such a new breakthrough, whether we know it or not, sounds to be irrelevant to our daily lives.

Nonetheless, it is equal to overturning our everyday sense, and we are as good as liberated from conventional restraints at the root of the idea of things.

A friend of mine expressed this in her blog NEU Noi-solution as follows:

Recently, repeated experiments in quantum mechanics have found that “observing” determines phenomena. And it has been proven that “observing” ⇒ “existing.” But “exist” ⇒ not “observing”. Hence the world was not “I can see it because it is there”, but “it is being because I see it”.

This transformation in the scientific community will encourage us a lot. Because such a person as myself who had been regulated by the outside can decide myself now. It must be a comfortable matter like being found not guilty.

If the educational experiences I have received are common to others too, it suggests that our heads have been bound by education which was based on these old scientific ideas especially when it comes to higher education.

But a major shift has begun from the top of the academic system that assembles the educational system.

However, when will the outcomes of such a transformation reach the whole of the school education system? As a matter of your own children, or as your own problem which you are having such education, you will never be able to wait until then. It is too late after you have been deformed by being forced to wear such an old-style garment, like a Chinese foot binding.

Moreover, the following story cannot be thought to be acceptable. That is, a pupil committed suicide eventually because, as if being taken hostage, they could not escape from the mandatory education of such a modulated school and was victimized by the bullying of other pupils and teacher.


As for quantum theory, my personal understanding is detailed in my essay 新学問のすすめ. In addition the application process of the theory into daily life is discussed in another essay パラダイム変化:霊性から非局所性へ.


Between “Science” and “Real Feeling”

Earlier I stated that our lives are in progress and that we cannot wait and wait until the hypothesis of science is established.

There is a set of views which dare to take bold ideas other than hypotheses that are excluded as “pseudoscience” among scientists. The “New Science” that we touched on in Chapter 1 is one of them.

Although these various theories are put in the grey zone of science, I consider them as having useful value under the limitation of “something on a developing process that has not yet become a strict scientific truth.” In other words, it can be taken up as hints and directions that are still undetermined but contain a kind of future.

Moreover, because it is applied to my life by my self-responsibility with my own knowledge, then there is no reason to be subject to others’ criticism.

By the way, as such a “grey zone topic”, let me pick up a series of views on the sensitivity of humans here.

First of all, one of the works about such a view is a couple of volumes with the theme of “Esoteric” which I published online as a translated version with the consent of the author Brad Olsen. Those Japanese titles are 現代の「東西融合〈涅槃〉思想」「東西融合〈涅槃〉思想」の将来性 .  

Extracting some of the titles are 神々の血液 対抗言説 松果腺 from the first volume, and、秘密政府 UFOsフリー・エネルギー etc.

In addition, the original title, “Esoteric,” is a knowledge that has been excluded from modern scientific thought and which means a deep meaning or a difficult problem, and in my Japanese translation, it is broadly translated as “東西融合〈涅槃〉思想、East-West Fusion Nirvana Thought”. Therefore, it deals with a great thought system including the magic, the religion, and the view of the universe cultivated by the human race in the east and west since ancient times.

Moreover, there is my own view about my ability to communicate with surroundings although this is a hypothetical view about my sense.

It is a view that a human has internally a high performance device, a “smartphone” so to speak.

Of course, the ability is superior to any existing smartphone, but only very rare persons  realize how high the ability is, therefore many people rely on the smartphone, a commodity of the real world.

In addition, to express such a subject is more suitable to the work of novel and science fiction than a thesis as a way of case-by-case. So I wrote a science fiction work, “MOTEJI越境レポート.


to be continued

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