Do you know anything about David Bergamini

If you know anything about David Bergamini, who is the author of JAPAN’S IMPERIAL CONSPIRACY and died in 1983 at 54 in distress, please contact me. As I wrote in a number of articles in this blog, the translation of the volume continually has had a significant number of readers and does not decline even six years have passed since the net-publication after the translation completed. 

In Japan the volume has been very much controversial but it nowadays seems to be a sort of public domain as an important material in fact in the area of modern Japanese history.

Nonetheless, as his obituary on New York Times, which once appeared on September 4 1983, was removed from their archives, his life in late years was obscured. 

He wrote once about his distressed situation briefly in the introduction for a publication of extracted translation into Japanese. 

As a translator of the volume and the man who is been very much admired by his work I am deeply concerned about what happened on him in those years.

To find out about the dark side of the publication in America and of the society as well I think that should be a following section of his work.

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